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Pop into the studio and we'll have a chat with you about your ideas for a tattoo, at this stage you'll need to have some idea of what it is your hoping to get, or what the tattoo is going to symbolize. We have lots of resources at our disposal and if your mind is just a blank then we can help.

Design Service

After your initial consultation we'll take your ideas and a few of our own and work some Paper Street magic on them to come up with an original tattoo design, at all stages through this process we'll stay in touch with you and let you know how it's going and if you like the direction we're taking with your design.

The Tattoo

When your happy with the design we've done for you it's time for the fun part, getting it tattooed! We have a really friendly studio and we'll try to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible, we have free tea and coffee on hand , numbing cream is available on request in advance at a small extra cost, and if your finding it hard going then we can always have a break.

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